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Monday, May 12, 2008

MSC Introduces Pre-Paid Onboard Credit Cards for Teens

Want to give your teen a little more responsibility, but don't want him to rack up a high onboard bill with Internet time and mocktails? MSC Cruises has a solution: a new pre-paid credit card for use onboard. It's available on all MSC ships for use by 12 to 17-year-olds.

"My Teen Card" functions like the typical onboard credit card/stateroom key used on most ships, but with a catch: The card comes with a prepaid spending limit. Once a teen has spent the prepaid amount, no more purchases will be allowed on the card. Parents will have to purchase a new card if they want their child to continue to have spending privileges. Cards cannot be reloaded.

On Caribbean cruises, parents can choose from a $35 card (pay $30 and get a $5 bonus) or a $60 card (pay $50 and get a $10 bonus). On Mediterranean and Northern Europe cruises, choose from a 35-euro card (pay 30 euros, get a 5-euro bonus) or a 60-euro card (pay 50 euros, get a 10-euro bonus). Not only will parents be able to limit teen spending while letting the kids take responsibility for their purchases, but they'll get free money to boot.

Passengers under the age of 17 will not have spending privileges onboard MSC ships without a Teen Card.


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