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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Surf Simulator Debuts in Grand Turk

Royal Caribbean no longer has the lock on cruise-related surf simulators. While locked on land, cruisers will find the Grand Turk FlowRider -- featuring a concept nearly identical to those found on Royal Caribbean's Freedom, Liberty and Independence of the Seas -- the new centerpiece of the Turks & Caicos' port facility at Grand Turk.

The FlowRider, open to all passengers coming off ships at this increasingly popular Atlantic port of call, is a surf simulator that forms a "wave" by shooting a steady stream of water over a cushioned surface, creating a layer of agua that can be glided across ("surfed" on). You can either lie prone, a la boogie boarding (anyone can do it) or stand up in the traditional surfing style (if you have the balance).

Visitors to Grand Turk can try the simulators for the following rates: $24 for a half-hour of body boarding or $34 for an hour-long stand-up surfing session (passengers using Royal Caribbean's onboard surf simulators pay no extra fee). It's unclear how many rides you'll get in that time period.


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